January 28th, 2014


Serious business

It's hard out there for a sexual conservative. Andrew Sullivan, for instance, supports all sorts of conservative values, one of which is that everyone should be monogamously married. But he has noticed that some people are primarily or exclusively attracted to their own sex (being one himself helps), so he was in the vanguard for marriage equality.

But there are a lot of other people who go back to an ancient list of rules about not eating shrimp or wearing garments of mixed fabric and believe that the sexual parts of the list are still relevant to our times. They consider themselves the true conservatives and Andrew Sullivan a dangerous radical prevert.

Heterosexual conservatism raises the same problems. When Beyonce did a song that treated her long-term monogamous committed relationship as something exciting and sexy, the National Organization for [only one kind of] Marriage decided it was a travesty of the deadly serious quasi-industrial enterprise* they exist to perpetuate. Amanda Marcotte discusses.
*Thank you, Albert Jay Nock