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08 January 2005 @ 12:00 pm
Shortly after I joined livejournal, we were asked to describe ourselves in 100 phrases. This is what I came up with. I run it early every year for new friends.

1. I know I'm going to leave out something Really Important.
2. I am part of a functioning three-person couple.
3. My totem is the Coyote. nellorat's is the PussyCat. womzilla's is the Wombat.
4. I am half Jewish and about 95% het.
5. I've been passing for white all my life, though a quarter of my ancestors were Huns.
6. I was born in New York City and grew up in New Rochelle, NY.
7. I've written a number of articles for reference books. Now when I enter a new library, I egoscan it.
8. I'm a freelance copy-editor/proofreader and could use more work.
9. I have never bred, and have no regrets about that.
10. I learned from reading Alfred Bester that I am a pi person: Part of my assignment this time around is to make patterns, some but not all of which I am aware of.
11. I learned from sf in general that the missing link between the apes and civilized humanity is us.
12. The only political orientations that appeal to me are liberal and libertarian.
13. When I was a child, I loved peanut butter and stuffed olive sandwiches. I would still eat them, except that my stomach has started hating peanuts.
14. I am convinced that we've been in the post-musical period since at least 1972.
15. I once took an IQ test that said I was in the top 1% in intelligence. I've come to the frightening conclusion that it's true.
16. I love garish colors, particularly the one that isn't on the spectrum: magenta.
17. I haven't shaved my upper lip since 1964; I haven't shaved the rest of my face since 1982.
18. I experimented with drugs in the 60s, but didn't exhale.
19. The only thing that could make me love the First Amendment more would be if it included sex and drugs.
20. The two books that Made Me What I Am Today are Stranger in a Strange Land and Illuminatus!
21. In 1970 or so I decided that the secret of successful drug abuse is Don't Get Greedy. Eventually, I got greedy, but I've been clean for 12 years.
22. The drug that did me the most harm was nicotine, and I never even got high from it.
23. I am a burned-out drunk, rather than a recovering alcoholic. I don't have to go to meetings to keep from drinking.
24. My father loved life and the world and everything; my mother had a duty to love me. This combination is not optimum for determining one's own lovableness.
25. The best thing (among many) that my parents did for me was encourage me to think for myself.
26. I miss the days of cheap sex and cheap paperbacks.
27. I have Cartesian Syndrome. It's not as bad as autism or even Asperger's, but I feel like a mind trapped in a body. Whenever I try to be ontologically correct, the world stops making sense to me.
28. I am a Jewish Gnostic Discordian heretic who worships a cartoon character. Very few questionnaires have a check box for that.
29. I am the ultimate Discordian heretic: I love order; I am a Gnostic heretic because I sympathize with the Demiurge.
30. I have asthma, high blood pressure, substantial hearing loss, and probably some form of depression.
31. I cast my first vote ever for LBJ in 1964, so we wouldn't send half a million troops into Vietnam. I feel like an Abused Voter, but I still do it.
32. I love nellorat more than I have ever loved anyone else.
33. womzilla is the best cohusband in the world.
34. I have almost gotten over buying a new book in the hope that I will become the sort of person who reads that book.
35. The only thing wrong with Swarthmore is that they forcibly graduated me after four years.
36. I'm verbally skilled but socially challenged; I feel that fanzine fandom, and now parts of the Internet, were made for me.
37. My #1 porn kink is the participants liking each other.
38. My primary political tropism is to defend intelligence against violence.
39. I don't have enough imagination to believe that the human mind just happened.
40. I don't like hot food in either sense; I'm in favor of food one tastes, rather than feeling, but I make an exception for the good sour tastes, such as vinegar and lime.
41. I like mushrooms, including the kind nellorat refers to as "sluglike."
42. Philosophically, I believe that all distinctions are drawn.
43. I never learned to ride a bicycle.
44. We have great rats and had a great cat, but I could live happily with no pets. (nellorat sometimes calls me "the man from NICE.")
45. Manual dexterity: As the Texans say, I am dick-fingered. I can pick my nose without putting my eye out, but that's about it.
46. I tend to overuse initial caps and the Seven Fucking Words You Can't Say On Free Television.
47. Yes, I eat with that mouth.
48. My favorite deities are Coyote, Sophia, Jesus, and Eris.
49. My idea of a good football game is 80 passes, 80 points, last team with the ball wins.
50. My parents sent me to public school, then rose above principle to send me to prep school for seventh through twelfth grades because I was someone who would have been diagnosed and drugged as hyperactive if that concept had been invented yet.
51. My main image of public school is waiting for the slow kids.
52. I stopped breathing at the 1983 Worldcon (asthma), but was resuscitated promptly. A week later a hospital communications error almost made me stop breathing again.
53. My top two Deadly Sins are lust and sloth. The latter has been more harmful.
54. I wrote and sent out my first zine on 5/5/77.
55. I have had two nonpathological serious sex relationships and two good casual funsex things (still friends 20 years later). All were in fandom.
56. In North Carolina I had free access to two university libraries, and there were lots of used bookstores. Economic need drove me to the cultural backwater of metropolitan New York.
57. We have many, many plush, plastic, etc., animals.
58. Given enough life extension, I'd keep reading and studying James Joyce, Wallace Stevens, Vladimir Nabokov, et al., until I fully understood them.
59. As a child, I loved Alec Guinness movies: The Lavender Hill Mob, The Man in the White Suit, Kind Hearts and Coronets...
60. Sometimes I think LaVern Baker sang even better than Aretha.
61. I did two years of national service in VISTA, working in San Francisco 1966-8.
62. I got my first computer in 1982, and took a while to realize that its primary purpose was word processing.
63. I'm in favor of things being done by people who are good at them.
64. I am a mental neophile and a physical neophobe.
65. I am not an absolute relativist.
66. I used to play a form of solitaire with a Tarot deck.
67. I am uncompetitive; that is, I am far more neurotic about failing than about losing.
68. I am pro-choice, particularly about abortion.
69. When I was a child, my next-door neighbor supplied and cleaned the Yankees' uniforms. One day he took me with him, and I got to see the Yankee locker room and Bill Skowron in his underwear. I will not go so far as to say the rest of my life has been an anticlimax.
70. I go to the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts every year.
71. The one thing I mind about being fat is the inconvenience.
72. I have been known to rise above good taste.
73. I never dated in high school.
74. My #1 Good Old Days image is the Eighth Street Bookstore.
75. I love The Onion, though the reporting is occasionally too accurate.
76. I think Michael Dirda is the best book reviewer and Frank Deford is the best sports writer we have.
77. One time I had the pleasure/relief of knowing I was not alone was the first time I saw the poster of Wile E. Coyote wringing the Road Runner's neck and saying, "Beep beep, yurass."
78. I am not a PETAmane.
79. OK, so I have a tendency to make fun of views I do not share.
80. I distrust irony, but I know there is no interesting language without it.
81. Samuel R. Delany once picked me up at a Readercon. (I had just slipped on the restaurant's floor.)
82. I wish I understood G. Spencer Brown's Laws of Form.
83. The form of commerce I most hate and fear is insurance companies.
84. I have managed to find at least one thing I am willing to eat in many kinds of restaurant, but that does not include Mexican and Indian.
85. I am an epigram geek.
86. I was raised not to believe in strong sexual dimorphism, and I think that's one of the things my parents got right.
87. I recently took a psychological test; it told me that I distrust psychological tests.
88. I think GUIs turn computers into what I want to use computers to deal with, but I am trying to be reasonable about this.
89. I resent having to spend money on clothing and such.
90. The one childhood enthusiasm I most miss is maps.
91. I am inordinately proud of the amount and range of trivia in my mind.
92. I thought I could sing until my parents bought me a tape recorder.
93. I think common and uncommon sense should be rewarded the way common and uncommon things usually are.
94. I want medical science to invent an antipissedoffant.
95. Mathematical and verbal thinking don't feel different to me.
96. In late 1999 I broke my arm changing a light bulb. I felt like part of a joke.
97. nellorat, womzilla, and I often communicate in animal noises.
98. I've never been out of North America.
99. I sometimes lack the stick-to-it-iveness to complete assignments.

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